That’s better than “prickly”

[Wearing shorts and sitting cross-legged on the floor with my class of 3rd graders. One kid tries to get my attention by tapping on my knee.] 

Kid: You’re soft!

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Oh dear

[Walking two kindergarten students – B & D – back to class after a session. They see the preschoolers’ bus coming in as we walk.] 

B: Why is the school bus here?

Me: Because the preschoolers just got to school.

B: Why do they have to take the bus?

Me: Because they can’t walk to school.

B: They live far away?

Me: Maybe.

B: They live in Alaska?

Me: No…what state are we in right now?

B: California.

Me: Yeah, so they live in California, too.

D: …Where are we?…



Oh stop it

[I’m waiting on a playground for a client. Three kindergarten girls I don’t know approach me.] 

Girls: [stand close to me and smile]

Me: Hi, girls.

Girls: Hi!

Girls: [continue to stand and stare and smile] 

Me: [smile and nod and wait and wonder why they’re standing and staring]

Girl: You’re pretty.